September 27, 2005

A History of Posting

January 2005
“Time to time, everyone goes bust....”
QT Beats KK without Improving
Do the Right Thing
Poker Games in Grand Rapids, MI
Winning Money vs. Earning Money
Weak Opponents
Preflop Strategy for Pairs/Suited Cards
Preflop Strategy for Unsuited Cards
eBay and the Inception of a Gambler
These Chips Made it on eBay...
The Poker Room at Soaring Eagle
Going on Tilt: Bankroll Suicide
Understanding Pot Odds
Poker Book List

February 2005
Paradise Poker, the Other "PP"
Poker Superstars Invitational
Full Tilt Poker
Poker Blogs
$1/2 Kill at Pete's
Wednesday at the Warehouse
Poker at School
Poker is a Game of Streaks
Let the Good Times Soooaaaar!
I Quit
So Scabby
Should Have Taken My Own Advice
Pokerless Wednesday
The Rape of the World Series
"What Was I Gonna Do, Buy Stuff?"
Getting A Good Start
$1/2 Kill at Pete's
It's an Analogy inside a Metaphor
Action Sunday at the Warehouse

March 2005
Local Poker Networking in the Information Age
Time For A Break
Richard Kipling, "If"
No Respect
Been a While

April 2005
Poker, Golf, and the PPT
The Gambler
Tiger Wins at Augusta
Weak Opponents, Revisited
It Seems Like Such Fun...
9-Ball and Poker
No Class
Thursday Night Poker

May 2005
Poker and Compulsive Gambling
Best WPT Ever
Mucking the Straight Flush
Weak Players Revisited, Again
Narcissism and Blogging
Poker as a Business
Poker Greatness
Slow and Steady

June 2005
"I Disagree!"
And The Answer Is...

July 2005
Adversity is the Best Test...
Five Years: The New Poker Life Cycle
2005 WSOP Update (Yes, I Still Love Poker)
Mixed Blessing?
Recent Action
The First Hand of a $10+1 SNG
And Now He's Dead

August 2005

*I didn't play any poker in the month of August, nor was the
internet hooked up in my apartment, hence, no posts.

September 2005
Is it Bad that Mike Matusow is My Hero?
The Year of the Pro?
18 and Life to Go (19, 20, 21...)**

**This post actually was the first in the month of September, but I feel like it "fades to black" nicely. The rest of the posts from September have been moved to my new blog Big Steps and Little Feat.

The "poker blog" has been quite an experience, I know I'm better-off for having invested the time and effort into recording my thoughts. Thanks to everyone who left comments, positive and negative, getting feedback from the occasional reader was the best part.

"This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

~ Winston Churchill